Our Team

The DeepCamera team is comprised of largely experienced people from different sectors, bringing new experiences, approaches and visions that are essential for building a group culture towards the development of AI-powered smart systems.

MRG Leader

Alessandro Artusi

Dr. Artusi work interests lays in the fields of image/video processing, computer vision and deep-learning deploying an innovative solution for current computer vision applications through a smarter imaging/video pipeline. He is one of the major contributors and editors of the new ISO/IEC/18477-JPEG-XT standard, as member of the IST/037 coding of picture, audio, multimedia and hypermedia information, of the British Standard Institute (BSI), ISO/IEC/SC29/WG1/JPEG and ISO/IEC/SC29/WG11/MPEG standardization committee’s. For these activities he has been recognized with the prestigious BSI Emerging Standards Maker Award. He is the co-author of the CRC Press reference book on High Dynamic Range Technology ‘Advanced High Dynamic Range Technology: Theory and Practice’ 1st and 2nd edition and the author of CRC Press book ‘Image Content Retargeting: Maintaining Tone, Color and Spatial Consistency’.

Associate Resercher/Developer

Mattia Angelini

Mattia Angelini obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pisa in 2019, while already working as a software engineer for 4 years in software integration and cloud computing.

From there, his career shifted to data science with an internship in the Italian National Research Center (CNR) in the application of Deep Learning techniques to 3D data and manifolds, at the Visual Computing Lab department in Pisa.

He is currently developing new tools and technologies for the DeepCamera group linking his engineering experience with the interest in data and visual sciences.

Research Associate

Asfa Jamil

Asfa Jamil is an Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast who has done her Bachelors in Software Engineering from National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan in 2019. She has over two years of practical experience in designing, developing, and evaluating different Machine Learning algorithms and Data Processing techniques. While working in multi-national organizations, she has nurtured her skills in Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Application Development and Programming of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Currently, she is working as a part of DeepCamera MRG at CYENS where she is focused on the investigation and provision of state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to solve problems related to Computer Vision and Image Processing.

Associate Researcher

Simoni Panayi

Simoni Panayi completed her MSc in Data Science at City, University of London (2020) where she specialised in computer vision technologies for improving Cardiac MRI segmentation. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Edinburgh (2018). Her research interests lie in the applications of deep learning in computer vision to facilitate image and video processing tasks.

She has previously worked as an External Research Associate at the Cyprus University of Technology and collaborated with the Biometrics for Smart Human-centred Emerging Technologies (BIO-SCENT) MRG at CYENS to develop two projects related to the automatic detection and recognition of pedestrian barriers in urban sidewalks using a novel egocentric dataset.

She is currently working as a Research Associate at CYENS in the DeepCamera MRG focusing on integrating deep learning techniques in the modern imaging/video pipeline to develop solutions and improve its current stages.