Developing the next video/imaging pipeline

Innovative Imaging/Video Pipeline

We are working on smart and innovative AI-powered solution to provide a robust Imaging/Video pipeline to overcome deficiency in the acquisition of the input data, their storage, transmission and as well as their manipulation. This will provide robust and reliable input for further decision making in Computer Vision task-driven based applications.

Computer Vision Applications

We are developing innovative AI-powered Computer Vision applications in various sectors, e.g., industry 4.0, smart-cities, maritime, automotive, self-driving etc. We are also providing our proprietary tools to help computer vision developers to easily develop their AI-powered applications and integrate them into existing embedded systems.

GUI based tools for AI

We are developing proprietary innovative GUI based tools to facilitate the development of your AI-powered based solutions. With our tools you will be able to drastically reduce the development time of your AI architecture, simplify the way for preparing your data sets through our smart labeling tools, as well as seamless integrate them into embedded system without writing one single line of code.

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